Monday, February 23, 2015

Tips to Clean your Refrigerator and Ice Maker at Home

All you better know that a clean and fresh refrigerator is playing a vital role to keep you and your family healthy. But the important thing you have to know about the refrigerator is how to clean the ice maker and water dispenser. Refrigerator is a most infected appliance in the kitchen, identified by the Public Health Organization in a recent study. This appliance is a major reason of your family illness; a contaminated ice maker can result in several diseases. Here, I am sharing some helpful tips for cleaning this appliance.

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What is the need to clean an Ice maker?
Dirty ice can be cloudy, emit a filthy odor or turn into milky. It turns your sweet beverages into bad flavor. Sometimes you may notice that the ice producing in the fridge slowly. You also may notice that the water is impeded or restricted. All these are the warning signs of growing of mold or yeast. All these viruses can exacerbate allergies and cause of digestive problems.

How to clean the Ice maker?

As per I researched, for cleaning the ice maker, you have to follow manufacturer’s instructions. But if there are no instructions available, you have to follow the basic procedure. Turn off the ice maker, disconnect the water line, remove the ice bin and discard the ice from the ice maker. Pour 3-4 cups of white vinegar into the water pipe line and leave it for 10 minutes (never use bleach in the replacement of vinegar). Reconnect the line and allow the vinegar to flow into the ice maker and water dispenser. Clean the water bottleneck with the squirt of vinegar. Use cotton to clean inside and outside the bottleneck. Allow the vinegar to flow out through the door and rinse away all traces the vinegar. Wipe all the components and let them dry and replace the ice bin. Finally, turn on the ice maker.

Keep Ice and Water Dispenser Clean

Ice Maker and Water Dispenser
Manufacturers recommend a regular fridge cleaning, but mainly depending on the usage of the ice maker and water dispenser, experts suggest a full cleaning at least twice in a year. Unfiltered water is responsible for depositing fungus in the dispenser, so make sure that the refrigerator’s water filter is cleaned and maintained every year. The bottle neck and the water line area should be cleaned weekly with white vinegar.

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