Monday, January 5, 2015

Things to Remember while Purchasing a Geyser

Geyser is the appliance that is commonly used in homes. They are used in winters for getting warm water for purposes like bathing and washing clothes. People are getting confused while purchasing water geyser, sometimes they are not able to find a difference between various geysers that fulfill their family requirement and fit in their budget. Now, let us discuss about the major aspects that need to be remembering while purchasing a geyser.

Geyser Repairing Services in Vasundhra Enclave
Geyser Repairing Services in Vasundhra Enclave

Types of Geysers
Two types of geysers available in market

1)      Electric Geyser – These types of geysers are equipped with electric equipments. These kinds of geysers work at higher temperature and consume more electricity. They are simpler to use and require minimal maintenance.  

2)      Gas Geyser – These geysers are using LPG and Propane gas for water heating. This geyser can be used by those who have gas pipe connection at home. These geysers are more economical as compared to electric geyser. 

Storage or Tank less Geysers

Tank Geysers contain inbuilt tank for storing cool water that can be heated as per the requirement. These storage geysers are available in different capacities. It is good to choose the geyser based on the number of family members.
Tank less Geyser provides hot water instantly, so it is also known as instant water geyser. It offers frequent flow of warm water. These types of geyser are design for a small family and endow high efficiency as they do not waste water. They are used for washbasins and dishwashers.

Storage Geysers
Geysers in Bathroom
Architecture and Design
Architecture and design of geyser is matter a lot because most homes have smaller bathrooms so, it is necessary to select a small and perfectly designed geyser that does not compromise on its efficiency. These days, most geysers have a shiny finish on their outer steel body and are available in several colors. Choose a geyser such that it mixes with your bathroom’s interiors. Some geysers also have a rust-proof body, which provides a long life. 

Geysers Architecture
Geyser Architecture
Geysers Features
Thermostat is an important feature of geyser. It is used to adjust the water temperature as per the convenience. This feature is available in all models. These days some modern geyser models allow users to select temperature manually. Some high-end models has inbuilt digital meters for displaying the accurate water temperature while few others allow to control the heating element according to the weather. Most modern models are come with the safety valves that control the temperature so that the water does not get overheated.

Geysers Features
Features of Geysers

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